I flew out of Bratislava to Skopje, Macedonia to get closer to Albania and Greece. It was my plan to visit Ohrid since I didn't have the time last year, and it was on the way to Albania. Ohrid ended up being my home for two weeks. Crazy, huh? I showed up to this amazing hostel, gained a new family, and they kept convincing me to stay longer. How can you say no to that kind of love?

Ohrid is a gorgeous lake town. People from all over Europe flock to the cheap and beautiful area. It's iconic landmark is the Church of Saint John the Theologian. It's nestled on the hill overlooking the water!

There are tons of beaches in different areas. The ones along the town line are packed with tourists. 

There is a small rock beach on the other side of the church from the touristy area called Labino Beach. It requires a little hike along the water with lots of steep inclines through a forest, but it's low key and has the most beautiful sunsets. The walk is gorgeous too!

My favorite beach was near the Bay of Bones. It's several miles south of the town, and I went with my hostel group one afternoon. There is a cliff for diving, rocks without algae, and not as many little fish coming up to the shallow areas. At one point, I let them peck around my feet for the 'dead skin', but they didn't do a very good job with the pedicure. Can't expect much for a free service. 

One day, I joined a fellow hostel friend to Samuel Fortress in Ohrid. Albania has plenty of beautiful medieval ruins that haven't received the UNESCO title, but deserve the recognition!  

There were so many aspects of this area which motivated me to stay for so long. The boardwalk in the main pedestrian area tended to be my evening sunset hang out. New parents would walk their babies in strollers up and down the sidewalk, old ladies would gather on park benches, and kids would ride around in automated toy cars. The atmosphere was special and I felt like I could get glimpses into the lives of the locals who carefully stay mysterious to most tourists.  I'm sure I will go back again!