I wasn't sure what to expect with Bratislava, but I was pleasantly surprised. Similar architecture to Prague and Vienna, but it's a much smaller and quaint town. You could see it within one day. 

One unique point of interest was the blue church, which people told me looks like sugar and sparkles in the sunlight!

Meet Bratislava's most charming and popular visited character!


As I'm always interested in finding impeccable views, I was told there was a nearby castle that offered the most majestic view. On the way, I had to climb up through this enchanting pathway to the old fortress wall to get out of the old town area.

I had to cross the bridge first before going up the hill on the other side. 

It was a cute and charming village feel, not too steep of hills, but in 100 degree heat, you don't want to do much of anything!

Once I reached the top, I had the most magnificent view over the city! I sat and enjoyed the sunset before climbing back down. My stay in Bratislava lasted two nights, which was enough.